PaWaMark is Free and available for iOS on the AppStore here :, android version will be available later this year !

PaWaMark is the first gaming benchmark for mobile phones and tablets !

With PaWaMark you can test the gaming performances of your device with real game scenes, each focused on a different game type.

The first scene is a 2D scene with hundreds of sprites, wich typically stress fillrate and CPU.


The second scene is a 3D race built to reach the limits of openGL ES 1 specifications. It renders precomputed radiosity lighting on the track among additional lighting effects.


The third scene is using advanced rendering techniques used on XBox 360 and PS3. It uses hardware skinning and full scene dynamic lighting with specular normal mapping and material effects.


The last test is a multithreaded CPU test designed to test the 3D computational power of your device !

You can come and discuss your results in our forums !